Customer Reviews

"The hint of clove gives the cherry pie a delightful flavor of autumn.  It is absolutely delicious!"  -- Tony L., Washington

"Excellent to-die-for coconut flavor. Custard is not so pudding-like (as inferior any-kind-of custard pies are), and therefore even my 7-year-old actually gobbled it up. Crust is so light and flaky. -- Leslie T., Arlington

"OMG!!!  It is soooo good!  Being a vegan, I don't feel like I'm missing out on apple pie any more."  -- Changamire, Washington

Our Pies

We usually make five or six types at a time so we can focus on what is seasonal and fresh.  We use local ingredients, when available.  Our crusts are an old southern type made in a similar style to puff dough, (meaning they are flaky and crispy). We use a 10" pie pan instead of a 9" so they produce 8 restaurant-size slices.

Key Lime

Traditional Key Lime filling sprinkled with coconut.

Baked Coconut Custard

A surprisingly light custard pie filled with the finished shredded coconut, chocolate, and almonds.

Sour Cherry with Streusel Topping

Our special pie crust filled with Pennsylvania sour cherries in a light filling thickened with a mixture of apple pectin and tapioca starch. This pie is topped with a classic Austrian Streusel, which is made using flour, butter, cream, sugar and cinnamon.

Blackberry with a Hint of Lime (vegan)

Fresh Blackberries, a hint of lime, a touch of clove and a lattice top make this pie my favorite.  As a child, I would look forward to  late spring  when my mom would take me to the blackberry patch near our house and we would pick as many as we could eat and carry.

Made with apple juice, fresh lime, tapioca, 

Scottish Apple with Whiskey plumped raisins 

Mostly Local apples from Winchester VA. tossed with sugar and a touch of cinnamon.  This makes up  the bulk of the filling in this pie, each pie has a handful of plumped raisins and a little steel cut oats in the streusel  it is thickened slightly with additional apple pectin. This pie has a crumb top which contains butter, cream and steel cut oats.

Pecan, Maple, Belgian Chocolate Georgia pecans, Vermont maple syrup, and fine Belgian chocolate make this pie a United Nations of sorts. 

Lemon Chess

The quintessential baked lemon custard pie, a Virginia tradition dating back to Martha Washington.

Made with Meyer Lemon, fresh Butter milk, cornmeal,