Pie Fixes Everything

To better serve our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Acme Pie started the Acme Soup Line.  Customers can order from two soup entrees listed on our Facebook page, for contactless, free delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays, usually by 1:00 pm. 


Single Entree – Choice of 1qt entree, fresh-baked bread, and single 7" pie, only $20.00.

Double Entree - 2 entrees (choose 2 of the same or 1 of each), 2 large helpings of fresh-baked bread, and a single 7" pie, only $30.00​

Orders along with payment are placed via PayPal at solschott@gmail.com.  For more information visit ourFacebook pageor call us at 703-647-9548. 

​​Welcome to Acme Pie Co.  Our mission is to produce the best pies using the finest local ingredients. All our pies are handmade from the crust to our fillings,  just like grandma made - if grandma was a pastry chef and made really great pie. 

We make pies to conjure the feelings and memories of childhood, home, love, comfort, and a touch of good old rock and roll. At Acme Pie Co. we believe, Pie Fixes Everything!

SPECIAL NOTE: ​Acme Soup Line is on a little break until the end of the holiday season.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page when our deliveries start again in early Febuary.  

​​locally handcrafted with

the finest ingredients

Acme Soup Line

Delicious soup meals, complete with pie, delivered to you!

Acme Pie Company

2803 Columbia Pike

Arlington, VA 22204