​​locally handcrafted with

the finest ingredients

What our customers say...

"The hint of clove gives the cherry pie a delightful flavor of autumn.  It is absolutely delicious!" 

-- Tony L., Washington, DC

"Excellent to-die-for coconut flavor.  Custard is not so pudding-like (as inferior any-kind-of custard pies are), and therefore even my 7-year-old actually gobbled it up.  The crust is so light and flaky."  

-- Leslie T., Arlington, VA

"OMG!!!  It is soooo good!  Being a vegan, I don't feel like I'm missing out on apple pie anymore." 

-- Changamire, Washington, DC

"Yummy and fun. Nice counter great people and good food. A pie milkshake was something I didn’t know I needed!"  -- Sally, Arlington, VA

"I have been enjoying the soup line at least once a week now! Everything is fantastic and so tasty. Delivered by no contact to my door. Delish!"

​-- Joanna, Arlington, VA

Our Pies

We bake our pies each day in small batches with a focus on fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients.  Our crusts are handmade in an old southern style, similar to puff pastry, making them crisp and flaky.  Our large 10" pies produce 8 restaurant-size slices and our 7" mini pies serve three amply. 

We usually have 8 to 12 flavors of dessert pies and a few savory pies available in our store on any given day. What pies we have in stock, varies with what fresh ingredients are available and seasonal favorites. Call the shop at 703-647-9548, to find out what we have available today. 

Want to make sure you can get the pie you want on a specific day?  Order your pie in advance!  Simply call us at 703-647-9548 to place your order. 

Here's a partial list of our pies...

Key Lime

  • A traditional sweet and tangy key lime filling with a light sprinkle of toasted coconut in a traditional graham cracker crust. 

Coconut Custard

  • A surprisingly light coconut custard rests on a thin layer of chocolate and finished with shredded coconut and almonds, in a traditional flaky crust.

Sour Cherry with Streusel Topping

  • Pennsylvania sour cherries form a light filling thickened with a mixture of apple pectin and tapioca starch. This pie is topped with a classic Austrian Streusel, made with flour, butter, cream, sugar, and cinnamon.

Blackberry with a Hint of Lime (vegan)

  • Fresh blackberries mixed with apple juice, fresh lime, just a touch of clove, and tapioca starch make a simple but delicious filling, in a traditional flaky crust with a delicate lattice top make this pie a customer favorite.  

Apple (vegan)

  • ​Our apple pie is all about the apples.  Fresh, locally grown fruit with just a hint of spices, in our traditional flaky crust. It gets no better than this!​​

Apple with Cranberry (vegan)

  • ​The tart cranberry is a perfect counterpoint for the sweet, Virginia apples, all wrapped up in a flaky crust.

Meyer Lemon Chess

  • The quintessential baked lemon custard pie. This buttermilk based delight is a Virginia tradition dating back to Martha Washington. Made with Meyer Lemon juice, fresh buttermilk, and cornmeal. 

Proper Chocolate Chess

  • ​Top-quality chocolate with just a hint of espresso and ginger, in the traditional chess buttermilk based filling, makes this so much more than your average chocolate pie. 

Pecan Chocolate Maple

  • Georgia Pecans, a thin layer of Belgian chocolate, and a touch of Vermont maple syrup make the best pecan pie you've ever tasted. Perfect for the holidays or any day.  

Scottish Apple with Whiskey Raisins

  • Local apples tossed with sugar, a touch of cinnamon and a handful of whiskey plumped raisins topped with a steel-cut oat and butter streusel.

Blueberry with Lemon Curd

  • Fresh tart blueberries are perfectly complemented by a thin layer of creamy lemon curd, with a light crumb topping. 

Seasonal Berry Pie (vegan) 

  • A mix of seasonal berries with just a touch of spice, nestled in our traditional flaky crust. 

Pumpkin with Candied Ginger

  • A hint of candied ginger and warm fall spices accent our rich and delicious pumpkin pie filling in this seasonal favorite. ​

We create many other pies throughout the year. Because we bake in small batches, it's always best to call the shop at 703-647-9548 to find out what we have available on any given day.